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Handmade with Love

Le POP UP is for style and high quality products.

This year we have provided invitation cards for the show by Maurizio Pecoraro at the Milan Fashion Week '16, where he presented his spring summer 2017 collection.


The theme developed by the designer takes up not only the texture but actual subject of the jungle.

fashion week

ss 2017

We are proud to introduce our special collaboration with Moorer® which allowed us to create these unique and special card.


The cards and the model are always chosen especially from and to our customers specifically to tell the best values ​​and characteristics of the company.

Every detail is of essential importance and laser cutting assures us a professional result.



Who doesn't love give and receive presents? Throughout the year there are several opportunities to express a thought to those you love, The card emphasizes the sentimental value. In addition to gifts, I love to receive cards, and I keep them all.


I discovered le Pop Up cards and they are nothing short of fabulous! 

et voilà

le pop up

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