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Le POP UP MILANO biglietti d'auguri origami

A law graduate from the University of Pavia and an alumnus of Borromeo's College, he is active in the field of import-export.
He is passionate about art and travel; last year he spent some time in Vietnam where he discovered Vietnam's customs and traditions.

Graduated in Design Communication, social media and videomaking lover, she's worked with Politecnico di Milano for different project such as Toyota AYGO Funsharing and Poliradio as social media manager. She's responsible of online and offline communication for Le POP UP.





Le POP UP MILANO biglietti d'auguri origami
Le POP UP MILANO biglietti d'auguri origami

Globe-trotter, in love with South-east Asia and Latin America, he has participated in many charity projects via ONLUS,

working in those places.
After studying Gastronomy Science at the University of Padua he has turned his passion into a full time job.

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